an armchair expeditionary force

I’ll tolerate the title ME/CFS until a better name is applied, I won’t ever tolerate what is attached to that label. I’ve been crippled, diminished, humiliated and isolated by the invisible disease from hell for all of my adult life so far, but I haven’t been beaten yet. I’ve reinvented myself, reinvented my world, failed to reinvent the wheels though someone ought to as that NHS wheelchair was not designed for humans.

For the first time in years of being a writer (one of those new sedentary inventions) I’m going to try to share what it has been like, how I really feel, what really happens when you don’t see me for days, weeks, months, years at a time. I wasn’t anywhere, but even when you can see me I’m not really there.

I’m not yet sure what I hope this blog will achieve, other than the chance to finally have a voice, to say the words I never have, perhaps even to vent the fury that I have supressed so long and so deeply that I may not find. Ideally folk will read this, some of the readers will pay attention, no-one will take the huff, and some of you will actually care. However, being a sarky little fecker, I also hope to make you laugh from time to time.


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